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Camera Makers
Adams & Co, R.T.
Adams, A. & Co.
Agilux Ltd
Albion Albumenizing Co.
Allen, W
Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers Ltd
Archer and Sons, Liverpool
Artima Export Ltd
Ashford, J.
Atkinson, John James
Baird, A.H
Baker, Charles
Barry, Jos. Ltd
Baynton, C.S
Beck, R & J
Benetfink & Co.
Bernoud, Alphonse
Bessus & Co
Billcliff, Joshua
Birnie, A
Bishop, H. and Son
Boots Cash Chemists
British Sida Cameras Ltd
Brooks And Sons, J
Brown, J.E.
Browning, John
Bulmer, F. Dewsbury
Busch Camera Co., London, The
Busch, Emil
Butcher & Sons, William.
Camera Construction Co., The
Chadburn, C.H. & Son
Chadwick, W.I
Chapman, J. T.
City Sale & Exchange
Clark, R
Collins, Charles G
Corfield Ltd., K.G.
Coronet Camera Co
Cox, Frederick J.
Crouch, Henry
Cubley and Preston
Cussons & Co., D.H.
Cusworth, C.
Dallmeyer, J.H.
Dawkins & Co., Birmingham
De Vere Ltd
Demaria, J
Elliott, E.
Emery, Wilfred
Ensign (Barnet-Ensign)
Ensign (Ross-Ensign)
Ensign Ltd
Ernemann Zeiss Ikon
Evans and Sons
Evans Sons & Co
Express Photo. Company, The
Fallowfield, Jonathon
Farrow, Ebenezer H.
Franks, A
French Lanterne Photographique Carre
Furnivel, James A.
Gandolfi, Louis and Sons
Gaumont, L. et Cie
Gibbons, W
Gnome Photographic Products
Griffiths Camera Company Ltd, The
Griffiths, Walter & Co. Ltd.
Hare, George
Harris & Co., Philip
Heath, William
Hilger, Adam
Hinton & Co
Hobbies Ltd
Hockin & Co, J. B.
Hora & Co., Tudor T
Horne, Thornwaite and Wood
Houghton & Son, George
Hulme, Samuel
Hume, William
Hunter and Sands
Hurman & Co., F.K.
Husbands, H
Ilford Ltd
Kemp & Co
Kirn Precision Instruments Ltd
Lancaster, J and Son
Lane & sons, J.L.
Lawley, Walter
Lejeune and Perken
Levi, Jones & Co Ltd
Levi, S.J.
Liverpool Photographic Supply Company
Lizars, J
Lloyd, Fred V A
London and Paris Optic and Clock Co.
London Stereoscopic Co.
Lonsdale Brothers
Lund & Co, Percy
Margery. W
Marion and Co.
Marlow Brothers
Marlow, E
Mason & Son, George. Leeds
Mason, George
Maw of London
May, Roberts & Co
McGhie & Co
McKellen, S.D.
Meagher, Patrick
Miall. F
Micro Precision Products Ltd
Middlemiss, W
Midland Camera Co. Ltd
Moore and Co.
Moorse, H
Morley, W
Naylor, T
Negretti & Zambra
Newman & Guardia
Newton, Henry and Co.
Parker & Co
Pearson and Denham
Peeling and Van Neck
Penguin Photo Products Ltd
Perken, Son and Co. Ltd
Perken, Son and Rayment
Photographic Apparatus & Chemical Co., Ltd.
Piggott, John
Platinotype Company, The
Pumphrey's Lifting Films
Purma Cameras Ltd
Rajar Limited
Redding, H.J.
Redfern, H. J.
Reynolds & Branson, Leeds
Riddell & Rae
Riddell, A
Riley Brothers
Robinson and Sons, J
Ross, London
Rouch, W.W.
Sanderson (Holmes Brothers)
Sanderson (Houghtons)
Sands & Hunter
Scott, C.E
Sharp & Hitchmough
Sheffield Photo Co.
Shew, James Fludger
Sinclair & Co. Ltd, James A.
Slater, William F.
Smedley and Co.
Smith, W A C
Soho Limited
Spratt Brothers
Stacey, W
Standard Camera Co.
Stanley, W.F.
Stanley, William Ford
Steward, J.H
Sun Camera Co. Ltd
Swift & Son
Talbot and Eamer
Taylor Drug Co. Ltd.
Taylor, A & G.
Tomkinson, W H
Trotter, John
Truvox Ltd
Tylar, W
Tyler and England Brothers
Ulca Camera Co. Ltd
Underwood, E and T
United Optical Industries
Vernak Film Co., The
Vevers, C.C. (Leeds)
Walker, J
Watson, W and Sons
Welta Kamera Werke
Westminster Photographic Exchange Ltd.
Woolley, Sons & Co., James
Wratten and Wainwright