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Midland Camera Co. Ltd | Nameless | English | Half Plate

ENGLISH FIELD CAMERA. 1905-11. The Midland Camera Company of Slaney Street, Birmingham added 'Ltd' to their title in 1905, and went into liquidation in 1911. Labelled with the 'Ltd' addendum, this example of their work has to be between these two dates. It is very advanced for its time. It has more brass than an Admiral of the Swiss Navy, and has gearing to the rising and cross-front shift movements, and to the back, which can be wound forward for wide angle work. All corners are cross-banded in ebony inlay, and you may bet that this was not a cheap camera at the time it was made. No restoration has been done by me, other than urgent running repairs, like straightening the bent front struts, which were penetrating the bellows when I got it.

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