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Houghtons | Triple Stereo Victo | English | Half Plate

ENGLISH STEREO FIELD CAMERA. 1900s. Not many of the stereo version were built, and this is a rare camera. A special edition of the Triple Victo for stereo use, it has a wider front to take stereo lenses, and of course wider bellows. The bellows on this example are in very poor condition, and the central septum is missing, but the chances of finding another set are approximately nil. At the time the photo was taken I was sharing one pair of stereo lenses among my stereo cameras, because one pair was all I had. The lenses in these pictures are now permanently mounted on my Meagher Stereo Camera (catalogue number: 0067), and another pair of lenses in a Thornton-Pickard shutter is available and waiting to be mounted on this camera. Or the Chadwick? Decisions, decisions... too many decisions, not enough lenses.

Extra photographs, where available: Click on thumbnail to open in a new page.